I was just a little boy when I saw those angels for the first time, Mr Elio Fiorucci changed the world of branding with full color graphic tees in the lates 70´s using this simple picture, I love those angels. Then in the 90´s, I saw those AMAZING mini skirt/pants signed by the great brazilian designer, Alexandre Herchcovitch, that garment just changed my life, I´ve been waiting for more than 10 years to release those 2 pieces, I wanted to "shrink and fuse" those 2 wonderful ideas in something new but at the same time modern and to make it even more special the photo shoot was fully made at Piazza del Duomo and Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan. This is my personal homage to those who filled my heart with mindblowing Ideas and made me feel proud of who I am today, I feel so good about the final work, hope you enjoy it just like I do.

The "Balenciaga" 128 Dress

 Inspired in the iconic dress made by the great Cristobal Balenciaga in 1967, this mini piece of art will fit "any" 12"ish dolls, even curvy B. That dress can not be pressed, it have to be shipped in a Box to protect it's integrity. (Dolls, jewelry or stand NOT included) 

Balenciaga Dress #128

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