In spite of how much or little you have heard about me, to summarize, I am a brazilian designer, I live in the north of Spain, I have a job outside the world of dolls from Monday to Friday to survive in the Euro Zone. I am passionate about sewing, building a garment with few seams and making the most of every material, no matter how simple it may seem. I love Cristóbal Balenciaga, I deeply love all the first Barbie Vintage outfits , black and white, and the minimalism. I started sewing at 5 years old inspired by my mother and my grandmother. At the moment, I'm not a big company, absolutely everything you can see here is made by me in my few free hours, design, patterns, cut, tailoring, style, photography, web design, advertising, sales, packaging, envelopes and shipping , I do not have seamstresses at my command, that would triple my prices and I want my clothes to be limited and affordable, I do not care what you consider luxury, glamour or any concept about prices because the Euro Zone. Limited quantities, clothes made by me one by one with a lot of love because I believe the concept of collection have to be inspired by sharing beauty and valuing the time of others. Thank you.