Finally! After one month waiting for the fabrics, I´ve had to give up on the colors I've ordered, it still can take weeks until it get in my hands so I've decided to change the soft colors from my  very first Idea fo these vibrant colors that I have available, I´m gonna make 14 sets seven in each color and next saturday, 26 May, it will be ready to be shipped for free worldwide. Thank you!


¡Finalmente! Después de un mes esperando los tejidos, tuve que renunciar a los colores que había pedido, todavía puede tardar semanas hasta que llegue a mis manos, así que decidí cambiar los colores suaves de mi primera Idea por estos colores vibrantes que yo si tengo disponibles, haré 14 juegos de siete en cada color, el próximo sábado, 26 de mayo, estará listo para enviarse gratis a todo el mundo. ¡Gracias!

you need to know that the RTW all the garments in this session will be already made and ready to go,

commissions will be accepted only as "tablegifts special orders" (minimum of 10 pieces)

The ESSENTIALS are these basic pieces, scale printed stuff, tee´s, sweaterdresses, leggings & fitting first pieces.

My true passion will be in UNIQUENESS, only unique garments, one of a kind pieces made with lots of love, not open to custum orders at all, wysiwyg :-)